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Canó Molina Insurance Brokers, helps clients identify new opportunities by addressing the full range of risks, such as Commercial, Auto and Home and we will always strive to operate with the highest level of integrity and transparency.



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We have at your disposition the widest range of products for individuals and companies.

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Each client is unique to us. We design the most flexible insurance solution in the market.

Managing Financial Risk Alongside Texas Individuals and Businesses

Americans businesses are as diverse in their needs as the services they provide. This concept also rings true for individuals and families residing in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. As a result, insurance policies must be designed in a personalized manner, embracing differences in operations, requirements, and risks. At Canó Molina Insurance Brokers, we recognize the need for customized insurance coverage.

Along with business insurance offerings, we also offer a wide range of personal insurance options. Homeowner and auto insurance serve as a foundation of coverage for many individuals and families. These selections can be bundled to access discounted rates and additional coverage options.

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We work  with the best  carriers in the market  to cover as broad clients as possible. We have a wide selection of  insurance companies to write commercial policies alongside.

We also offer personal lines coverage, with a focus on high-net worth insurance. Homeowners insurance and auto insurance serve as the foundation of this program; however, excess liability insurance and personal collection insurance are accessible to our client.


Dogs Breed Restrictions

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Builder Risk Insurance

Hello y’all, today’s topic is about builders risk insurance. In this content, we will discuss what builders risk insurance is and how it can help in protecting your construction projects. Builders risk insurance is a type of property insurance that covers property owners, contractors, landlords or other parties involved in an unfinished building project from…

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Extended Replacement Cost Coverage?

Hello y’all. Today we’re discussing Extended Replacement Cost Coverage – which is an important form of insurance you’ll want to consider before disaster strikes. Extended Replacement Cost Coverage is a form of insurance that can help you replace lost or damaged property in the event of a covered disaster. This type of coverage will generally…

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