Our Business Model

Our main plan is to always be one step ahead of the Insurance Agency Industry in the US. That’s why after discovering how the market is performing in TX and other States in the US, we decided to base our model in a different way than other agencies. Non-Traditional Walk-in Customers, Close Relations with Mortgage and Realtors Associations and its members and Face to Face Marketing with Small Business owners through the Webwork Coworking Space and Intelligent Referral Social Media Marketing.*Non-Traditional Walk-in model.


Although we believe in the “Walk in Model” we found that being in Large Commercial Buildings walk in are more possible to get that in a Front Store. Also, we avoid the continues Shopping process giving to our book of business more possibilities to renew with us and making the “Reshop” Process easy and fast. Our Main office is Located in the Exclusive Allen, TX, having a guarantee daily traffic of all types of customers.


*Relations with Mortgage and Realtors Associations and its members


After running in the Market, we experienced a huge success in the first-time homeowners’ buyers process due to our close relation with the Largest Mortgage Loan Officers, Realtors, Investors and Title Companies.


*Intelligent Referral Social Media Marketing.


We strongly believed in this concept for our business success; based on the experience we had in the first years proving that having a huge community of professional friends in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and in our Google Business Page, make us more visible every day.