At Cano Molina Insurance, we understand the daily risks faced especially by truck drivers, so we have developed a reliable program designed to meet your specific needs, while saving.

We offer a comprehensive insurance quote for commercial trucks in Texas. It is important for your business to be safe with proper and prompt coverage. Do you know if your business is up to date with important state and federal insurance?

We cover all types of commercial carriers including
● Local, intermediate and long distance trucks
● Garbage trucks
● Tow Trucks and Carriers
● Dry cargo, containers, timber, hazardous cargo
You are required to have a certain amount of insurance coverage to comply with different industry regulations, and as a commercial truck insurance, we make it our top priority to certify that you are in full compliance, so you can continue to do what you do best!
We are proud to offer you different types of vehicle insurance including customized packages that include complete coverage for all your needs. We also understand that time is of the essence in industrial logistics, so we are proud to provide you with complete solutions, especially customized for commercial trucks.

Our coverage options include:
● Cargo Trucks
● Physical Damage
● General Responsibility
● Extensive Coverage
● Workers’ Compensation
● And more…
Our team aims to eliminate the hassle of obtaining US truck insurance or effective commercial vehicle coverage, and when you partner with us, the benefits don’t end there. We can provide you and your commercial fleet with Annual Roadside Assistance for $149 per year.
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From small businesses to large logistics companies, we provide affordable truck insurance to a wide range of commercial customers in Texas and throughout the United States. We cover virtually every industry that uses trucks in its business. These are just a few of the companies we provide coverage to:
● Food products, frozen food for delivery
● Moving companies
● Construction material transport
● Soil, sand and gravel
● Automobile transport
● Container transport
● Livestock
● Restaurant Supplies
● General Transport
● Anything that requires heavy deliveries (furniture, materials, etc.)

As one of the leading suppliers in Texas, we understand the risks you regularly face as an operator. Our policies were designed to help you be protected and make your business more efficient without surprise costs or excessive fees.
Truck insurance is one of our most purchased options. As with automobiles, commercial auto liability insurance is mandatory in all states, making it essential that all your company vehicles are properly covered.
Without truck insurance, you could risk fines and other penalties for your commercial fleet, limiting your ability to run your business and creating significant financial risks if one of your vehicles is involved in an accident.
Below is a complete list of our truck insurance options, information on the areas we serve, and the importance of truck insurance.
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Like many other states, Texas law requires that its commercial vehicles be properly insured for use on public roads. In fact, there are several laws that determine having the necessary and required form of insurance for commercial vehicle use in Texas.
If you own or operate a truck, as part of your business it is important that not only the driver, but also the passengers and other drivers are fully covered for costs such as medical care, property damage and more.

Operating a truck or other commercial vehicle without adequate insurance can leave a significant risk for fines. It is also possible that your business depends on these vehicles and they could be impounded, preventing you from being able to operate your business properly.
Beyond the legal importance, there is the business importance of being covered. If one of your vehicles is involved in an accident without adequate insurance, your business could face significant costs such as medical care, property damage and legal fees.
This means that truck insurance is an essential service for all businesses using trucks and commercial vehicles in Texas. Fortunately, insuring your trucks is a fast, simple and affordable process using our range of commercial vehicle insurance options.

Ofrecemos un amplio rango de pólizas de seguro y opciones dirigido a camiones de todo tipo y tamaño. Ya sea que su empresa dependa en pequeñas entregas o grandes camiones diseñados para logística de gran escala, nuestro equipo con experiencia puede ayudarle a adquirir la solución perfecta que necesita.

Cubrimos todo tipo, incluyendo transportes especializados diseñados para transportar cargas con materiales peligrosos, carga seca, contenedores, madera y más.

Abajo podrá encontrar una lista completa de opciones que ofrecemos:

Póliza para camiones de carga

La carga que transporta su empresa es sumamente valiosa, y hasta el más leve accidente puede ser todo lo necesario para causar grandes pérdidas, retrasos e inconvenientes para su cliente. Nuestro seguro para camiones de carga protege su carga y cubre la responsabilidad por pérdida o daños.

Durante el transporte, la carga puede ser dañada debido a un choque, fuego o daños por accidente causado por otros factores ajenos al conductor de su vehículo.

El seguro para camiones de carga cubre su responsabilidad en el caso eventual de que la carga haya sido dañada o dejada en el camino a causa de un accidente. También cubre los costos como gastos legales como resultado de que el cliente haya tomado acción legal y otros diversos gastos relacionados a la carga.

Póliza contra daño físico

Hasta un pequeño choque pudiera resultar en serios daños para sus camiones u otros vehículos comerciales, a menudo llevando a costos significativos de reparación y reemplazo. La cobertura contra daños físicos le garantiza que está cubierto de los costos de reparación o reemplazo de su vehículo después del accidente.

Como parte de la póliza contra daños físicos, usted estará protegido en el caso de que su vehículo comercial haya sido dañado por causa de un choque contra otro conductor, choque con otro objeto o algún otro tipo de accidente en donde su camión haya sido dañado.

Póliza de responsabilidad general

Desde accidentes de resbalones y caídas hasta accidentes mientras se realizan las descargas, la póliza de responsabilidad general es una parte importante de protección de su empresa en contra de los costos de los accidentes que pueden ocurrir mientras maneja su negocio.

Para empresas que usan vehículos comerciales, la póliza de responsabilidad general provee cobertura para gastos médicos, daño a la propiedad, lesiones corporales, daños personales y otros distintos tipos de responsabilidades.

Póliza de amplia cobertura

Accidentes, inclusive accidentes serios, pueden ocurrir en cualquier momento, particularmente si su empresa transporta cargas, entrega productos y ofrece servicios a sus clientes.

La póliza de amplia cobertura protege su empresa en el caso de un accidente catastrófico, ofreciendo cobertura de montos a partir de los límites típicos de una póliza de seguro estándar y ayuda a su empresa a seguir adelante después de un importante accidente y una solución potencialmente costosa.

Compensación para los trabajadores

La póliza de compensación para trabajadores es de vital importancia para empresas de todo tipo, y particularmente para aquellas empresas que tienen una cantidad significativa de riesgos para los empleados. Desde choques, resbalones y caídas en el almacén, hasta lesiones y accidentes que pueden ocurrir en cualquier momento y en cualquier situación.

El seguro de compensación para trabajadores le brinda a su empresa cobertura para conductores y el personal, cubriendo su responsabilidad de costos médicos y salarios perdidos por empleados lesionados en el trabajo.

Servicio de alta calidad y excelente valor.

Con 20 años de experiencia asegurando a personas y a empresas, estamos 100% comprometidos a ofrecer soluciones de la más alta calidad a precios que permitan que su negocio opere de manera efectiva.

Gracias a nuestro equipo que trabaja con dedicación, ofrecemos un valor adicional más allá de su póliza de seguro, con un nivel incomparable de servicios al cliente por parte de nuestro personal. Estamos disponibles las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana para ayudarlo a responder preguntas comunes sobre el seguro de transporte comercial, conozca más sobre su póliza de seguro y presente una solicitud fácilmente.

At Cano Molina Insurance Brokers LLC we operate nine locations throughout South Texas and one location in Miami, Florida. As one of the leading providers in the country, our goal is to keep your entire business safe and secure both on the road and in the workplace.
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Truck Insurance – Our Service Area and Locations

From our locations in Texas, we offer a wide variety of options in six different states. Currently, our services are available in Texas.

We currently operate in Texas.

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Whether for local deliveries or regional logistics, it is very important for your commercial fleet to be properly insured. Our insurance will cover everything from physical damage to collisions and accidents that damage cargo, personal injury and more.
With more than 15 years of experience, our team of experts has advised thousands of Texas companies that required policies, helping small and large businesses find and purchase policies that meet their needs.
To get started, call our team now at 817-225-4447 or fill out our contact form to request a free truck insurance policy quote and learn more about our options available to you.

1- How does truck insurance work?
In general, truck insurance works much like your auto insurance policy. You pay a monthly fee for your coverage. If there is an incident where your insurance is at stake, you pay your full deductible and your insurance will cover the rest.
The different types of insurance work in a more specific way. To better understand your options and how each type of insurance protects your business, be sure to talk to a qualified insurance agent.

2- What type of insurance do truck drivers need?
There are several things to consider when deciding what types of commercial truck insurance your business needs.
Each state has a minimum amount of coverage required by law. Normally, you should have liability insurance that pays for the damages you cause in an accident. Some companies want cheap commercial truck insurance, which means they only buy the state minimum. However, the reality is that most commercial trucks must have additional coverage to protect themselves and their business.
You should consider getting insurance quotes for physical damage coverage, truck insurance, bobtail insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and non-owner trailer coverage. Every situation is different, so it is crucial that you work with an experienced truck insurance agent.
Finally, you want to find the most affordable truck insurance that offers comprehensive protection for your business.

3- Why do truck drivers need general liability insurance?
General liability insurance covers injuries or damages that occur in the business that are not directly related to the operation of the commercial truck. For example, if the damage is caused due to misdelivery, it will be covered by general liability insurance.

4- What does general liability insurance cover for truck drivers?
If you obtain general liability insurance for trucks, you get the following coverages: bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury, and medical expenses.

5- How much does it cost to insure a truck?
There are a variety of factors that affect your insurance quote. If you are a new company, you can pay between $12,000 and $18,000. In some cases, prices can be as high as $30,000. If you are the owner who is leasing to a trucker, the average commercial truck insurance costs between $2,000 and $4,000.

6- How much is the total coverage on a truck?
The term “full coverage” does not necessarily mean a specific type of insurance. It usually means a policy that not only has the required liability insurance, but also contains comprehensive and collision coverage.
Comprehensive insurance helps to repair or replace your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged by natural events or vandalism. Collision coverage can repair or replace your vehicle if you have an accident with another object.
Comprehensive coverage often depends on the type of vehicles you are insuring as well. The most common commercial vehicle coverages cost between $75 and $150 per month for cars and $130 to $400 for commercial trucks.
Of course, your vehicle’s full coverage may include several additional types of insurance, which also affects the total price.

7- What is a truckload policy?
Truck cargo insurance is also known as carrier’s liability. This coverage is often limited in what it covers. The goal is to protect property from loss, damage or theft in transit. It also includes cargo while in storage.

8- What is the difference between trucking and transportation coverage?
Transportation insurance provides coverage for cargo while it is en route from one place to another. This includes any type of transportation, whether by land, sea or air. The most significant difference is that the transportation coverage is only in effect while the cargo is being moved. It does not protect the cargo when it is stored.

9- What does a cargo policy cover?
Cargo insurance covers freight in case it is lost or physically damaged during shipment, provided the cause is external during delivery. Cargo policies can cover the transportation of goods by land, sea or air.

10- What is the difference between cargo insurance and freight?
While cargo insurance and freight insurance serve the same purpose, there is a significant difference. The term freight is used when goods are transported by train or truck. When a carrier charges money for the shipment, it is known as a freight charge. Freight, on the other hand, refers only to goods and not money.

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