“We are going to be an advisor to our client and a goalkeeper for our Carriers”

Without options, an insurance agency won’t satisfy their customers. That’s why we decide to offer a complete portfolio of products and services to our customers. Keeping the lines of business and other services in addition to insurance. After the sale process we will start a close relationship with our customers, to guarantee 100% satisfaction and understanding of their coverages and rights. As well, we will offer periodically policy reviews and new opportunities. Our Service Department handles all types of request from our customers within the business hours, mentioned in the 2.4 section of this business plan.

While the traditional Insurance Agency model offers a limited and non-personalized service to customers, we will be delivering a premium attention that will result in higher number of client’s loyalty scores, more standard carriers’ appointments and the advantage of represent and advised the client. In resume we are going to be an Advisor to our customer and a Doorkeeper to our Carriers.
Here is the list of products we are going to offer:








-What you should know about the Canó Molina Insurance differential factor.
We focus our business model in our people, whether they are Internal Customers, external Customer and our Partners and Carriers, they are the base to create prosperity for the company, employees and carriers throughout a culture of Hard work, integrity and the use of High Technology use.Also, through our Multicultural Market Philosophy we celebrate Diversity, Community Values and Integrity. Our plan is to address the reality of the US market by offering the best possible service for all. Our team will have this same diversity and we will be able to strengthen our bonds with our clients and guarantee a great service.
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